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Do you believe in ghosts? I’m starting to.

I've always been rather skeptical of the whole phenomenon... but since I started working at Club 97.5 I've started to change my mind.

Often in the evenings, like tonight, I'm alone in the building, and I just had the strangest experience. While sitting in my studio with the door open, I heard someone sneeze. Straight up. It was a sneeze. Then another. So I walked out of my studio and said, "hello," wondering if maybe another DJ came in.

But no one's here but me.

I’ve heard the other DJs talk about the bumps, bangs, and creaks they’ve heard, but it’s a radio station! We make sound! And we’re in an older building in Jerome... buildings tend to make odd noises from time to time. 

But I didn’t hear a bump or creak... I heard someone sneeze. I think I’m losing my mind. 

I think I am going to try and document the noises at the station...